Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top Three Non-Running Back Rookies For Fantasy Football

The 2013 NFL Draft made a lot of headlines for its lack of skilled position players, but there are still a few solid players who should begin to see immediate playing time. While most of them are at running back, there are a few others who find themselves in a nice situation. Running backs like Eddie Lacy, Montee Ball, Giovanni Bernard and Le’Veon Bell all look to be solid running backs, but none of them as true game changers. Here’s a look at the three best options amongst non-running back rookies to help you win your fantasy football leagues.

Tavon Austin (St. Louis Rams)

The wide receiver from West Virginia right now just has one negative, and that is his size. However, he is fast enough to avoid taking hard hits on the field. The Rams were in desperate need of go-to receivers, so Austin should step right in and help Sam Bradford out.

DeAndre Hopkins (Houston Texans)

With Andre Johnson already in town, Hopkins can play the role of the second option for Matt Schaub. This means he will get a lot of open looks and one-on-one coverage during the season. Health is a bit of a concern for Houston in general, but if they can stay healthy, Hopkins could help them take the next step in the playoffs.

Cordarrelle Patterson (Minnesota Vikings)

Patterson still has quite a bit to work on, but thanks to Greg Jennings now being in town, he won’t be counted on to turn around Minnesota’s passing woes by himself. He might not have the impact of the other two guys above in his first season, but he about as much potential as anyone. Look for him to start out slowly, and then produce more and more as he becomes more adjusted to this level of play.

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