Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eagles Mock Draft -- #MockSix

The good people over at www.MockOne.net gave me a shot to be the GM for the Eagles in the #MockSix draft.  MockOne is essentially a tool used to connect various football brains through Twitter to act as a GM and Assistant GM in drafting for that team.  With so many different Mock Drafts offered through different football sources this time of year, MockOne has a unique feel as there are close to 100 Twitter football minds mapping out how the 2013 NFL draft could go.  Anyone can whip up a Mock Draft, but try doing a Mock Draft where you have GM's and Assistant GM's for each team, it is a whole new ball game.

I chose two great assistants in @aaronmeckes and @Barnold1993 to help me in the Eagles war room to discuss possible trades and picks.  I will update this post with picks, trades, and notes on why we went with each player.

General Manager: @365FantasyFBall
Assistant GM: @aaronmeckes
Assistant GM: @Barnold1993

1.044Star Lotulelei, DT
from Utah
We felt Lotulelei was the best fit for the Eagles new 3-4 defense and that his recent heart thingy was blown way out of proportion. Hard to complain about adding an immediate talent such as Star to help anchor that DLine for years to come.

Trade Details
7.06NFL: from Browns for David Sims 2013 Conditional Pick on 2012-08-31
7.12NFL: from Buccaneers for WR Arrelious Benn
7.33NFL: from for Compensatory

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