Friday, October 5, 2012

NFL Week Five - Best Values on FanDuel

Matt Ryan $8800 - The hottest player in the NFL right now and he gets a soft Redskins secondary in week 5, hard not to plug him in every lineup this weekend.

Philip Rivers $7600 - Great value here and comes with a nice matchup against the Saints.  This could be Rivers coming out game.

Christian Ponder $6400 - He gets the Titans which is again another juicy QB matchup and at a very nice price.

Marshawn Lynch $7800 - Best value you will find on FanDuel this week. 

Frank Gore $7100 - Don't let the crowded back field fool you, Gore is the man in SF and he gets a Bills defense that was torched last week by the Patriots.

Alfred Morris $6700 - This is a guy you can plug in every week and he will give you solid points, and excellent option as a RB2.

Ahmad Bradshaw $6200 - He is the guy in NY even if you think Brown is better, and comes at a discounted price with a nice matchup against the Browns.

AJ Green $7600 - Dalton is always looking for Green and in his second year he has already sustained the title of top 5 NFL WR title. 5-8 catch game and 100 yards is his floor.

Demaryius Thomas $6200 - Could be a shootout type of game with the Patriots.

Percy Harvin $6400 - he is going to score a TD sooner then later and at this price it is well worth a play.

Reggie Wayne $6200 - The Colts might be in a hole all day long against the Packers and they are going to have to throw a lot.  Luck looks for Wayne more then anyone else.

Malcom Floyd $5500 - The number 1 WR on the team and they get a soft matchup against the Saints.

James Jones $5400 - The question is can you trust Jones week to week?  Worth a gamble maybe with Jennings on the sideline.

Donnie Avery $5000 - See above with Wayne, could be a lot of points in the air in this one.

Domenik Hixon $4700 - Nicks is out and Hixon is in. Cheap Cheap and Cheap.

Jimmy Graham $7100 - He is Brees go to guy, time to get back on track with a big game.

Kyle Rudolph $5500 - Huge target for Ponder to find, and entering year 2 for both players the chemistry is building and his stock is clearly on the rise. Rudolph the Redzone Reindeer is a must play once again this week.

Brent Celek $5400 - One of the most underrated TE's in all of football. The guy will do whatever it takes to catch a football and is surprisingly one of the best after the catch.

David Akers $5200 - Can always count on at least 3 FG's a game from him.

Matt Bryant $5200 - The Falcons can score some points and move the ball at will.

Alex Henery $5000 - I think the Steelers and Eagles play in a low scoring battle with a bunch of FG's.

Blair Walsh $5000 - Really making a name for himself as a rookie.

Baltimore Ravens $5400 - Spend the extra few dollars at Defense it is worth it in the end and the Ravens are one of the best week in and out.

Houston Texans $5200 - Expect them to be on a lot of rosters this weekend, Hard to think the Jets will even score in this game with the offensive product they are putting on the field.

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