Friday, October 26, 2012

NFL Week Eight - Best Values on FanDuel

Aaron Rodgers $9900 - Looks like he is back in his 2011 Fantasy form.
Peyton Manning $8800 - When you see a QB plays the Saints defense you take him.
Andrew Luck $7700 - Could be a shoot out with the Titans, both teams lack defense.
Sam Bradford $6200 - Sneaky QB pick against the Pats defense.

LeSean McCoy $8000 - To win at FD you have to pick players that have breakout games.
Ryan Matthews $7600 - Same as McCoy
Matt Forte $7400 - Elite RB that never gets the credit he deserves and gets the Panthers run D this week.
Chris Johnson $7300 - Roller coaster ride with this guy but the matchup looks good.
Willis McGahee $6200 - Play all your Broncos this week.

Marques Colston $7100 - Going to be a Score fest with the Broncos and Saints.
Brandon Marshall $7000 - Decent price for a PPR monster. The TD's always seem to be lacking.
Reggie Wayne $6800 - PPR monster and consistant each week.
Demaryius Thomas $6700 - Play your Broncos this week
Randall Cobb $6300 - If Nelson is out this week Cobb is going to be a monster.
Antonio Brown $6200 - People are losing trust in this guy, Don't the Steelers are a passing team now
Eric Decker $6200 - Might be an even better play then DThomas.
Jeremy Kerley $5300 - The Jets don't have much talent on offense but someone has to catch the ball

Rob Gronkowski $7300 - If you can afford him there is no safer play at TE, and Hernandez is out.
Heath Miller $5900 - Keep riding the hot streak.
Jason Witten $5400 - Really steady player, that gets you receptions and Yards, but lacks TD's.
Brent Celek $5100 - Cheap productive TE, I admit he is on a lot of my rosters in week 8.

Mason Crosby $5400 - Playing the Jags, could get large lead and kick FG's all 2nd half.
Robbie Gould $5300 - Same as Crosby above, as they get the Panthers at home.
David Akers $5000 - Good defensive battle with a typical 16-9 type of score in store?  Yep.

Chicago Bears $5600 - Talk about a dominate Defense, and they get the struggling Panthers at home.
San Francisco 49ers $5400 - Low scoring boring game, well if you hate defensive football, maybe.
Green Bay Packers $5100 - Best value Defense play of the week.

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