Friday, September 14, 2012

NFL Week Two - Best Value on FanDuel

I have become a big fan of the Daily Fantasy sports websites and have really took a liking to FanDuel. I want to run a weekly blog post on the best value plays at each position each week and thought I would start by diving into week one of the NFL season. I will give the best 3-5 value plays at each position and see how this plays out in Week 1 of the NFL season. I will try to give one top play, one medium play and one value play at each position.

Some strategies that I like to hold to on FanDuel are to look for QB's with running ability that can give you bonus points as throwing TD's are only worth 4 points. Also like to take stud RB's that I know have good matchups and can get me TD's. RB's are the guys that are going to touch the ball 20+ times a game and have the chance at getting 0.5 points per catch so I want to invest a lot of money here with some studs. WR's are the ones that are always tough to predict, I like taking lower end guys with strong matchups and hope for the best. At TE I love the idea of taking either Graham or Gronk each week as they are on great offensive teams and they get the ball a ton. They are expensive but with only one TE position you have lock it up. Kickers are tough I usually take ones that are playing indoors and have long legs to kick long FG's. Defense I like to look for the ball hawking teams that give you a chance to get extra points for TD's.

Cam Newton $9000 - You saw what RG3 could do against the Saints in his first career NFL start and Newton bombing in week 1, make me believe that he is ready for a huge game.  He doesn't come cheaply with such a high price tag but I think he has potential to be the number 1 fantasy QB this week.

Robert Griffin III $7500 - You had to be impressed at what he did in his debut against the Saints.  This week look for him to build on that against the Rams.  I should offer a tiny bit of warning though that the Rams secondary is much better then what RG3 faced off against last week.

Kevin Kolb $5700 - No one in their right mind would dare starting a Arizona QB with money on the line right?  Well maybe that is to your advantage, Kolb has a very low salary and has a matchup against the Patriots that favors the passing attack.  They also could be playing catch up and garbage time points may come into play for Kolb. 

Darren McFadden $8100 - He is the best weapon the Raiders have and against a softer matchup against the Dolphins look for them to really put the ball in McFadden's hands at every opportunity.  Great pass catcher out of the back field as well.

CJ Spiller $6600 - Freddie Jackson is down and Spiller was dynamite in replacing him last week.  At this price tag you are a fool not to start him.  (The problem is I thought the same last week with Russell Wilson for $5400)

Stevan Ridley $5900 - On paper Ridley looks like an excellent play this week as the Patriots could build a big lead and try to run out the game and clock.  Problem is you just never know with NE, it could be a week where they go back to Welker on quick passes.  Ridley did look really good last week against the Titans in a similar role.

Alfred Morris $5600 - The guy got the ball 27 times last week and Shanny seems to love the guy and will continue playing the hot hand.  They get the Rams this week who Kevin Smith found the endzone twice on last week.  Can you say VALUE?

Victor Cruz $7000 - Disappointed with his drops in week 1? Well so is Cruz, look for a rebound game and one where Eli comes to trust him once again and the connection warrants some Salsa dancing.  YUCK! but yeah good for Fantasy.

Percy Harvin $6600 - Harvin is so explosive and is a perfect lottery ticket type player every week.  He has a nice matchup this week against the Colts who's secondary has so many questions.  There are going to be points scored in this game and why not take the most dynamic player on either team?

Andre Roberts $4900 - This guy may be the most underrated player in the entire NFL.  Kolb loves him and looks for him often.  You think it would be Fitz as the one he took a shinning to but nope it is lesser known Roberts.  The matchup is a nice one against the Pats who will be more focused on shutting down Fitzgerald.

Aaron Hernandez $6400 - Pick your poison here, it is easy to just plug either Graham or Gronk in as your TE and not even worry about things but for $1000 less you can grab Hernandez who may have a tad bit more upside this week.

Brent Celek $5300 - With Maclin likely out this week and the Eagles facing a tough matchup against the Ravens I suspect they look Celek's way a little more and he acts of a security blanket for Vick.  5-7 catches seems likely.

Greg Olsen $5200 - Newton needs someone to count on in the crunch and Olsen is on the verge of going to that next level. Not many receiving targets after Steve Smith in this offense. Olsen is also a great Red Zone target so at least one TD is very likely.

Kyle Rudolph $5200 - Huge target for Ponder to find, and entering year 2 for both players the chemistry is building and with potential of a ton of points against Indy this week could be a sneaky play.

Blair Walsh $5200 - The guy can kick a long FG.  Don't believe me watch last weeks game.

Nate Kaeding $5000 - Was automatic in week 1, and should have some more chances in week 2 against the Titans.

Justin Tucker $5000 - The Eagles defense is pretty darn good not giving up a TD the entire game to the Browns even with the Eagles offense giving them the ball on 5 turnovers.  I know the Ravens offense is a million times better then the Browns but still I think they can hold them to at least 2-3 FG's.

Houston Texans $5300 - The Texans are team built on defense and they get to head to Jacksonville to show what they can do in week 2.  Division games are sometimes tough but I think the Texans can get a few turnovers and get to Gabbert plenty of times.

Washington Redskins $5000 - The Rams offensive line is well..... CRAP.  Bradford hasn't showed anything in the last year and a half either as he has no WR's to throw to.  Look for the Redskins to have a field day with this Rams offense.  Don't forget about Banks as a returner either.

Cincinnati Bengals $5000 - Bengals got their buts whooped on Monday night against a great Ravens team, now they get to take out their frustrations on an awful offense in Cleveland.

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