Friday, September 21, 2012

NFL Week Three - Best Values on FanDuel

I have become a big fan of the Daily Fantasy sports websites and have really took a liking to FanDuel. I want to run a weekly blog post on the best value plays at each position each week and thought I would start by diving into week one of the NFL season. I will give the best 3-5 value plays at each position and see how this plays out in Week 1 of the NFL season. I will try to give one top play, one medium play and one value play at each position.

Some strategies that I like to hold to on FanDuel are to look for QB's with running ability that can give you bonus points as throwing TD's are only worth 4 points. Also like to take stud RB's that I know have good matchups and can get me TD's. RB's are the guys that are going to touch the ball 20+ times a game and have the chance at getting 0.5 points per catch so I want to invest a lot of money here with some studs. WR's are the ones that are always tough to predict, I like taking lower end guys with strong matchups and hope for the best. At TE I love the idea of taking either Graham or Gronk each week as they are on great offensive teams and they get the ball a ton. They are expensive but with only one TE position you have lock it up. Kickers are tough I usually take ones that are playing indoors and have long legs to kick long FG's. Defense I like to look for the ball hawking teams that give you a chance to get extra points for TD's.

Tony Romo $8300 - He gets a Tampa secondary that was ripped to shreds by the Giants last week.  Lots of receiving weapons in Dallas to make this a nice play.

Matt Ryan $8200 - Probably the safest play at QB this week.  The Falcons have showed they are a passing team now and Ryan has some confidence this year.  Could be a high scoring game.

Joe Flacco $6600 - I love Flacco this week I think he is a bargain at this price and is really ready for a breakout game after the Eagles held him in check in week 2.

LeSean McCoy $8500 - Maclin is out and the Cardinals defense is playing at a whole other level to start the season.  The Eagles offense is going to have to find a way to get the ball into their most explosive players hands.  I expect screen passes and draw plays and just Shady doing his thing.

CJ Spiller $7800 - I will be riding the Spiller bandwagon as long as I can.  Cleveland doesn't look that scary on paper and now they get the hottest RB coming to town.

Michael Bush $6300 - Everything has fallen into place for Bush to explode on Sunday.  His situation is very similar to what Brown fell into for the Giants on Thursday night.  Risk with a huge reward if it hits.

Alfred Morris $6000 - The Redskins love this guy and continue to feed him the ball.  I think the trend continues and he rumbles his way to a TD this weekend.

Calvin Johnson $8200 - Can you just feel it that Megatron is ready to blow up for one of his 10 catch 2 TD's type of games?  I can.

Dez Bryant $6400 - Very inconsistent and always looks amazing on the field and you think he will break out and he never does.  Well he gets a tasty matchup against the Bucs this week.

Torrey Smith $5400 - I really like the Ravens pass offense this weekend and think they have a shot at playing in a shootout against the Patriots.  I could be wrong it could just be the same old Ray Rice show.

Jon Baldwin $4500 - Everyone is drooling over Bowe against the Saints this weekend, well what if Bowe gets shut down?  Baldwin would be in for a very nice day on the score sheet.

Jason Witten $5400 - This is as cheap a price you will ever see Witten for.

Kyle Rudolph $5100 - Huge target for Ponder to find, and entering year 2 for both players the chemistry is building and with a tough Niners defense coming to town Ponder is going to have to look to the big guy.

Scott Chandler $5100 - The Browns are not good against TE's.

Dennis Pitta $4800 - Surely at this price there must be some kind of error.  You can bet a lot of teams that decide to save money on TE's this weekend will be having Pitta starting.  I personally like Graham or Gronk.

David Akers $5400 - Can always count on at least 2 FG's a game from him.

Nate Kaeding $5000 - Consistent of a kicker that you will find

Garrett Hartley $5000 - The Saints can put up some points even if they are 0-2.

New York Jets $5400 - I think the Jets are a defensive team that gets very little credit.  They could be ready to take their frustrations out on the Dolphins and win this type of game with a defensive TD.

Pittsburgh Steelers $5100 - They play the Raiders.  Even being an old defense that has to be a nice feeling.

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