Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top Fantasy Football Team Names - 2012

Every year I play in a dozen or so Fantasy Football leagues and I like to come up with some clever names for my teams.  It is easy to draft a team but to put a team name with the team you draft is a whole other story.  Here are a list of 2012 Fantasy Football Team names that I came up with and a few that I have found from other sources.  Please add to the list if you have some funny ones.

365 Fantasy Football's Top List:
01. Bess WR in Miami
02. Nicks N' Dents
03. Julio Think You Are?
04. Spiller Up
05. I Don't Need Luck I have RGIII
06. Shady With A Brees
07. LaFell On My Face
08. Sproles Just Pettigrew
09. Asomugha makes an Ass out of WR's and TE's
10. Are You a Redmen or Blackmon?
11. Cassel is a McCluster *Cough*lin
12. Hunter Shot a Gore
13. Vernon and Alex sitting in a Crabtree
14. Use your Head Ocho
15. The New IR Rules are Britt
16. Cedric "The Un-Entertainer"
17. Brady and The Tramp
18. Fake Plastic TD's
19. Best Headache I Ever had
20. I Will Not Pick Brian Quick
21. Honk My Gronk
22. The Real Steve Smith
23. Lynch's Taste of The Rainbow Van
24. Jacquizz I Can
25. Newton's Fury
26. Let me be LeGarrette Blount
27. Kolb Schaub It's all the Same
28. FU Madden Curse
29. I Eli'd I am not Elite
30. Mr. Roddy "Heisenberg" White
31. Addai Another Day
32. Rashard MendenFALL
33. Wario Womanningham
34. Jimmy TD Thing
35. Addai'd Once Again
36. Foles Gold

Here are some other great ones from the Bleacher Report:
Rice, Rice Baby
Fire Cotchery
Breaston Plants
I Got Weeden My Pocket
Back That Asomugha Up
Tootsie Sproles
Orton Fears a Boo
Sacks to Be Cutler
The Big Tebowski
Henne Given Sunday
Stafford Infection
Clean out Ur-Lacher
Along Came Collie
Too Legit to Britt
Scobee Snacks
Farve Dolalr Footlong
Fleener Schnitzel
Wham Bam Thank You Cam
Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe
Revis and Butt-Head
What Would Tebow Do?
ABC, Easy as RGIII
Vilma, the Bounty Hunter
Brady Gaga

Here are some more funny ones from Athlon Sports.
I Pitta the Fool
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
I'm Thinking RBs
Jersey Leshoure
Cruz Control
A Boy Named Suh
My Mornhinweg Jacket
Coples Therapy
Vinatieri Strokes
Press Your Luck
Turn your head and Coughlin
Don't Touchdown There
May the Schwartz be with you

Some Others From Online:
Fig Newtons
Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi
Dez Dispenser
No Suh For You
Britt Off More Than He Could Chew
I Was Only Keading
Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
Foster... Austrailian For Champion
Aromashodu, Aromashdon't
Mystic Rivers
Forte Year Old Virgin
Armed Rodgery
Ingram Toenails
Drew Blood
Scoreless In Seattle
Rated R for Gore
Arian Foster The People
Sproles Royce
You Say Goodbye, I Say Helu
The Luck Stops Here
Billy Can Cundiff kick
IDP Freely
I'm Just Schilens
The Garden of Weeden
Turner Over
I'm Harvin a Headache
RGIII runs Forte MPH
More Cushing for the Pushing


  1. Check out the site They have hundreds of team names for all fantasy sports and they are ranked and voted on. You can submit your own too. I am currently using "I Get Percy Every Sunday"

  2. Thinking of a group name is about acting naturally. Consider something and put your own comedic curve on it. Be arbitrary. The Gold Fish Bowlers for a rocking the bowling alley group is an immaculate illustration and that just came right of the
    highest point of my head. I was checking out the room, saw the goldfish bowl and wala. funny color run team names