Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kick/Punt Returner Rankings - 2014

***Updated July 9, 2014***
***This list is going to be changing throughout the offseason with clarity throughout preseason***

Here is my updated rankings for Kick/Punt Return duties for 2014.  This list is going to be changing throughout the Free Agency and NFL Draft period, as well as training camps.  Playing in any league that offers points for Punt and Kickoff Return Yards and TD's is always an added bonus and when you are trying to get an advantage over your competition in Fantasy Football, every single point matters.

I included my top 35 return guys to keep an eye on in 2014, along with an updated depth chart of who is holding down the punt and kick return duties.  I will continue to update this list throughout the 2014 NFL offseason and into the season.  It is a nice little bonus as this information is hard to find on the Internet.

01. Tavon Austin WR/KR/PR
02. Cordarrelle Patterson WR/KR/PR
03. Randall Cobb GB, WR/PR/KR
04. Darren Sproles PHI, RB/PR/KR
05. Tedd Ginn Jr. ARI, WR/PR/KR
06. Antonio Brown PIT, WR/PR
07. Jeremy Kerley NYJ, WR/PR
08. Keshawn Martin HOU, WR/PR
09. Leon Washington TEN, RB/PR/KR
10. Patrick Peterson ARI, CB/PR
11. LaMichael James SF RB/KR/PR
12. Marcus Thigpen RB/KR/PR
13. Golden Tate WR/KR/PR
14. Eddie Royal SD, WR/PR
15. Dwayne Harris DAL WR/PR/KR
16. Trindon Holliday NYG KR/PR
17. Jacoby Jones BAL WR/KR
18. Rueben Randle NYG, WR/PR
19. Dexter McCluster TEN, WR/KR
20. DeSean Jackson PHI, WR/PR
21. T.Y. Hilton IND WR/PR/KR
22. Denard Robinson JAC RB/KR
23. De'Anthony Thomas KC RB
24. Jeremy Ross DET WR
25. Travaris Cadet NO RB
26. Devin Hester ATL, WR/PR/KR
27. Eric Weems CHI, WR/PR/KR
28. Jacoby Ford NYJ, WR/PR/KR
29. Marquise Goodwin BUF, WR/KR
30. Brandon Tate CIN, WR/KR
31. Andrew Hawkins CLE, WR/PR/KR
32. Micah Hyde GB, S/PR/KR
33. Jacquizz Rodgers ATL, RB/KR
34. Brandon Boykin PHI, CB/PR/KR
35. Emmanuel Sanders DEN, WR/KR

Other Notables (What IF?):
Dez Bryant DAL, WR/PR
Percy Harvin SEA, WR/KR
C.J. Spiller BUF, RB/PR
Danny Amendola NE, WR/PR
Harry Douglas ATL, WR/KR/PR
Eric Decker NYJ, WR/PR
Denarius Moore OAK, WR/PR
Leodis McKelvin BUF, CB/KR/PR
Julian Edelman NE, WR/PR/KR
Brandon Boykin PHI, CB/PR/KR
Javier Arenas ATL, CB/PR/KR
Lardarius Webb BAL, CB/PR
Brad Smith PHI, WR/KR
Marcus Sherels MIN, CB/KR/PR
Josh Cribbs NYJ, WR/PR/KR
Jacquizz Rodgers ATL, RB/KR
Damaris Johnson PHI, WR/KR/PR
LaVon Brazill IND, WR/KR/PR
Jordan Todman JAC, RB/KR
Taiwan Jones OAK, CB/RB/KR
Dri Archer PIT, RB/KR
Ace Sanders JAC, WR/PR

Kick Returners - Depth Chart:
Baltimore Ravens:  Jacoby Jones WR
Buffalo Bills:  Marquise Goodwin WR
Cincinnati Bengals: Brandon Tate WR
Cleveland Browns:  Andrew Hawkins WR, Johnson Bademosi S
Denver Broncos:  Kapri Bibbs RB
Houston Texans:  Keshawn Martin WR
Indianapolis Colts:  T.Y. Hilton WR
Jacksonville Jaguars: Denard Robinson RB, Jordan Todman RB
Kansas City Chiefs:  Knile Davis RB, De'Anthony Thomas RB
Miami Dolphins:  Marcus Thigpen RB
New England Patriots:  Devin McCourty CB
New York Jets:  Jacoby Ford WR
Oakland Raiders:  Jeremy Stewart RB, Taiwan Jones CB/RB
Pittsburgh Steelers:  Dri Archer RB
San Diego Chargers:  Marion Grice RB, Eddie Royal WR
Tennessee Titans:  Leon Washington RB, Dexter McCluster WR

Arizona Cardinals: Ted Ginn WR
Atlanta Falcons:  Devin Hester WR, Javier Arenas CB
Carolina Panthers:  Kenjon Barner RB
Chicago Bears:  Eric Weems WR, Michael Spurlock WR
Dallas Cowboys:  Dwayne Harris WR
Detriot Lions:  Jeremy Ross WR
Green Bay Packers:  Randall Cobb WR, Micah Hyde S
Minnesota Vikings:  Cordarrelle Patterson WR
New Orleans Saints:  Travaris Cadet RB
New York Giants:  Michael Cox RB, Trindon Holliday WR
Philadelphia Eagles:  Darren Sproles, Brad Smith WR, Damaris Johnson WR, Brandon Boykin CB
St. Louis Rams:  Tavon Austin WR, Benny Cunningham RB
San Francisco 49ers:  LaMichael James RB
Seattle Seahawks:  Jermaine Kearse WR
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Jeff Demps RB, Eric Page WR
Washington Redskins:  Niles Paul TE

Punt Returners - Depth Chart:
Baltimore Ravens:  Jacoby Jones WR, Lardarius Webb CB
Buffalo Bills:  Leodis McKelvin CB
Cincinnati Bengals: Pacman Jones CB
Cleveland Browns:  Andrew Hawkins WR
Denver Broncos:  Wes Welker WR
Houston Texans:  Keshawn Martin WR
Indianapolis Colts:  T.Y. Hilton WR
Jacksonville Jaguars:  Ace Sanders WR
Kansas City Chiefs:  De'Anthony Thomas RB
Miami Dolphins: Marcus Thigpen RB
New England Patriots:  Julian Edelman WR
New York Jets:  Jeremy Kerley WR
Oakland Raiders:
Pittsburgh Steelers:  Antonio Brown WR
San Diego Chargers:  Eddie Royal WR
Tennessee Titans:  Leon Washington RB, Dexter McCluster WR

Arizona Cardinals:  Patrick Peterson CB, Ted Ginn WR
Atlanta Falcons:  Harry Douglas WR, Devin Hester WR, Javier Arenas CB
Carolina Panthers:  Kenjon Barner RB
Chicago Bears: Eric Weems WR
Dallas Cowboys:  Dwayne Harris WR
Detriot Lions:  Golden Tate WR, Jeremy Ross WR
Green Bay Packers: Randall Cobb WR, Micah Hyde S
Minnesota Vikings:  Cordarrelle Patterson WR, Marcus Sherels CB
New Orleans Saints: Travaris Cadet RB
New York Giants:  Trindon Holliday WR, Rueben Randle WR
Philadelphia Eagles:  Darren Sproles RB, Damaris Johnson WR
St. Louis Rams:  Tavon Austin WR
San Francisco 49ers:  LaMichael James RB
Seattle Seahawks:  Paul Richardson WR
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Eric Page WR
Washington Redskins: DeSean Jackson WR


  1. This is really great. Thanks for posting. Based on the number of page views you already have, I hope you keep up the good work.

  2. Excellent List! In my 2 leagues, we start 2 IDP (DL/LB/DB - doesnt matter the combo) and getting a solid CB/S who ALSO can provide good return potential would be IDEAL! "The player" would need to provide solid IDP stats (tackles/PassDef/Int/F-Fum/F-Rec) PLUS return stats. Other than Peterson-Arenas-Webb, any recommendations??? Any chance for a (short) list of ranking best IDP/Return candidates? Thanks bro, and again GREAT list!

  3. Nice list. I think Danny Amendola is the KR for the Rams as well.

  4. Thanks for the support guys. I will try to get this updated going into week 2. Any insights feel free to drop a note here.

    1. Hey great job James.Quick question I'm in a idp league with individuals Kr(25yds/1pt) pr(10yds/1pt) I have PP from Arizona and L.Washington. as my 4th rb.I was looking WR to double receiving/Kr looking at T.Ginn Jr.and B.Tate are either worth. Other top returnmen are gone.

  5. Changes to update... Brandon Banks is a free agent (no longer a Redskin), Joshua Cribbs signed with the Raiders, Travis Benjamin is expected to kick return for Cleveland (not official yet), add LaMichael James to KR duties for SF (and possibly PR as well), Add KRs William Powell and Javier Arenas to the list. Probably split work there.Trindon Holliday will be the primary KR for Denver most likely. Richard GOodman will most likely retain KR duties in SD.

    check out for roster updates, and this seems to be most accurate with updates.

  6. Guessing that Goodwin will be the Bills KR (PR???)?

  7. Update:Danny Amendola is with NE probally won't do returns, Leon Wasington and Edelman will do returns.

  8. Is Darren Sproles definitely going to keep return duties? What about Tavaris Cadet?

  9. Any updates going to be coming anytime soon? I really doubt this list still holds true today.

  10. I will try to get an update by the end of the week. Lots of player cuts and roster moves the past couple of days. Thanks for reading guys!

  11. Question about your process... why is the leagues leader in returns from last year(Reynaud) who will be his teams KR and PR without any other real responsibilities dropped to 15??? Especially while Cribbs, who got cut... by the Raiders... is #6. What formula did you use to determine these ranks? Did you take into account that kickoffs are usually more valuable than punts, so teams with better defenses are not going to produce as much value in the return game???

  12. With Cobb's bicep injury, and his acceleration up the WR depth chart, will he see limited to no time returning kicks this season? His KR/PR status will depend on if I keep him in my keeper league or not.

  13. Wow, props for doing this. On T Holliday (Denver) his only role on the team is PR/KR. So any depth on that chart is only for injury purposes. Lance Ball did some in the preseason, but he's been cut so they may not even have a plan b.

  14. Every season I try to be updated with fantasy football rankings. It is so important for me.

  15. D'anthony Thomas already making his mark. This could be possible PPR porn! Late round, low salary, check down QB, injury prone RBs in front of him. Solid.

  16. Way overdue here for an update.

  17. Yes please update!!

  18. Dri Archer in Pittsburgh is looking pretty tough, 4.26 speed, involved in the passing game.

  19. Yo is this thing gonna be updated- I'd love a good KR/PR source to refer to all year...nobody updates on this part of fantasy- hoping u do!

  20. Thanks a bunch, great job.

  21. Fantasy drafts are starting to happen... we need an update! Please!!!

  22. You might think about changing the name from 365 to "now and again". The draft is this week.

  23. My draft is tomorrow night. Any chance on an update? The preseason just finished. Thanks.


  25. SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?? Sproles?!?!?!? He's not going to return kicks or punts there. SMH

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