Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football - Breakout Candidates

I spend a majority of my time ranking players in the Fantasy Football world, and never get a chance to speak out about guys maybe lower down in my rankings that I think have a really good chance to breakout in 2012.  I am going to pick 2 players at each position that I think have a solid chance of being Fantasy starters for your team in 2012 that you can find on the cheap.

Half the battle is Fantasy Football is having a little bit of luck and picking players that out perform their ADP.  You can never truly dominate in the world of Fantasy Football by playing it safe and taking players solely based on rankings, you need to be adventuress and take some chances, and really believe in guys that are further down in the rankings but have potential to break out.  Here are a few of the guys I have been targeting in some of my early drafts, and guys I want to watch closely in training camp and preseason.

Michael Vick - Last year Vick really struggled with injuries and connecting with all his offensive weapons, but now with a full off-season in 2012 look for him to come out firing.  He has all the talent, motivation, contract to play for, and plays in an offense that puts up points faster then anyone.  He is being devalued currently but as the season draws closer I see him being moved up in the top 5 QB range.  He is the type of player that can win you a Fantasy Football championship all by himself.

Carson Palmer - Similar to Vick he gets a chance to have a full off-season with his new team and build some chemistry with all the talent that the Raiders have been collecting at WR.  Moore/DHB/Ford/Murphy/Criner all at WR make for a chance for Palmer to have a Brees like offense as he can rely on 5 different guys to be steady pass catchers downfield.  Add a healthy McFadden to the mix and Palmer has a real shot at cracking the top 10 fantasy QB's in 2012.

Others to Note - Cutler, Freeman, Flacco are also nice options that can be taken later and all offer some huge upside with their offenses.

Jonathan Stewart - This guys name seems to come up every year as a breakout candidate and never lives up to the hype.  He can be had for about the 15th RB off the board and has potential to put up RB1 numbers for you each week. 

Roy Helu - Sure Washington and Shannahen are a mess when it comes to knowing who will start at RB and how they will use him.  But you have to remember that Washington will run the ball and they have a rookie QB that has the weight of the world on him and is going to have to rely on someone to take some pressure off him.  Shanny loves to run his RB's to the ground so why not take a chance on Helu?

Others to Note - Spiller, Redman, Rodgers, these guys are all obvious choices with their situation and talent combined. 

Jeremy Maclin - I want to own Maclin on every single team I own this year.  I think he is ready for his big breakout year and going to be a WR1.  He is over his health scare of last year and will also have a healthy Vick for the year.  I almost consider Vick-Maclin like a mini Stafford-Calvin of 2011, call me crazy but the value is there for Maclin this year. 

Vincent Brown - San Diego has Floyd, Meachem, Royal, Gates all begging for receptions with Brown but Rivers is going to end up finding one of these guys to lock into and trust.  Vincent Brown is the guy, he showed flashes in 2011 when Rivers believed in him 100%, now in 2012 they only continue to build on that and Brown out performs his ADP by a mile.

Others to Note - Blackmon, Decker, Garcon.  All 3 of these guys are going to go to options with both Blackmon and Garcon being the #1 Wr's on their teams.  Guys that can be taken late and the value at WR in later rounds is so deep.

Kyle Rudolph - Don't be scared by the fact that they gave big money to John Carlson this offseason.  Rudolph is a guy that has so much talent he is going to be the 2nd option to Harvin at all times in this offense.  He will be a RedZone target and have the ability to catch 60+ balls this year, and will be the type of player that only gets better as the season goes along.  Great value play for a late TE selection in drafts this year.

Dustin Keller - Never gets much respect at the TE position and always seems to run hot and then cold.  The Jets are touting their Run heavy offense this year and have did little to help out their passing game.  Keller has talent and with Holmes and rookie Hill as the only other strong options in the passing game Keller is worth a shot.  I like taking Keller in more of a committee TE role and focusing more on taking WR but grabbing Keller late.

Others to Note - Tamme, Lewis, Fasano.  Tamme is going to be so hyped because of the addition and connection with Peyton, maybe rightfully so but he is going to come at a cost.  Mercedes Lewis and Anthony Fasano are guys that will get their catches and could both help out their pitiful passing offenses and will often be oversights and could be had on the Waiver Wire.

***Coming Soon - IDP: Breakout Candidates***

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