Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where Does Peyton Manning Go?

Here are my Odds at what team Peyton Manning signs with:

Miami 50% -- Manning will have a say in where he wants to go I think if Miami wants him it looks like the best team out of the bunch.

Kansas City 20% -- Maybe, I think they could open up their pocket book. Getting Manning could get them back to a winning team after the horrid year last year.

Washington 15% -- There is just no weapons on this team to even try to entice Manning, but if it is Money he wants the Skins love to spend it.

Seattle 5% -- Great place to play football and could be a 9-10 win team with Manning joining. Decent weapons to work with and a hell of an offensive line.

NYJ 5% -- If the Jets are all in for a Super Bowl run they have to think about making a play for Manning. Seems unlikely with so much invested in Sanchez.

Arizona 5% -- The idea of Manning throwing to Fitz is a wonderful one, just don't see this one playing out though

Others Possible Options:
Jacksonville - no way Manning agrees to play there in that mess of a team
49ers -- Nope they should have made the SUper Bowl last year with Alex Smith, why change?

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