Monday, March 5, 2012

Rookie QB - Dynasty Rankings 2012

2012's Rookie Quarterback draft class is front loaded with some franchise talent. Andrew Luck is the consensus number one pick, and maybe the safest top pick in the draft from the past 10 years. Then you have RG3 who may very well have the all around Fantasy Football package to lead your team to championships for years to come. He comes with a little more intrigue and physical talent that could set him aside from any other QB in the league. Next you have Ryan Tannehill who could be the steal of the 3, where you could draft him in a nice spot and wouldn't have to give up the farm to snag. After those top 3 QB's the rest is kind of a guess and it could be a list of more of future NFL backups then finding another starter out of the bunch.

Dynasty QB Rookie Rankings:
01. Andrew Luck - Stanford
02. Robert Griffin III - Baylor
03. Ryan Tannehill - Texas A&M
04. Nick Foles - Arizona
05. Brandon Weeden - Oklahoma State
06. Brock Osweiler - Arizona State
07. Russell Wilson - Wisconsin
08. Kirk Cousins - Michigan State
09. Case Keenum - Houston
10. B.J. Coleman - UT-Chattanooga
11. Ryan Lindley - San Diego State
12. Austin Davis - Southern Miss
13. Dominique Davis - East Carolina
14. Chandler Harnish - Northern Illinois
15. Jordan Jefferson - LSU

Other Notables:
Kellen Moore - Boise State
Dan Persa - Northwestern
G.J. Kinne - Tulsa
John Brantley - Florida
Darron Thomas - Oregon

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