Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rookie WR - Dynasty Rankings 2012

Dynasty WR Rookie Rankings:

01. Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State -- Fitzgerald type of athlete, can catch everything and creates plenty of big plays.

02. Michael Floyd - Notre Dame -- Such a big target that could continue to challenge Blackmon for the top spot among Rookie WR's.

03. Kendall Wright - Baylor -- Has Percy Harvin/Desean Jackson game changing ability. A very electric player that can change a game around with one play.

04. Alshon Jeffery - South Carolina -- Not doing him any favors with a poor combine and has been rumored to be out of shape. We know the talent is there to be an NFL player just needs to put in the effort.

05. Mohamed Sanu - Rutgers -- Physical WR that fights for the ball, what is not to like.  He has been losing some speed on draft boards and is slowly falling.

06. Rueben Randle - LSU -- I could see him moving up to the #4 WR in this draft class. Might be a safer pick then Jeffery and Sanu. He was under used at LSU but with his size and quickness he could be a nice target in the NFL.

07. Stephen Hill - Georgia Tech -- Big raw WR that has the potential to be a beast if he can put everything together on the NFL level. He was the star WR at the NFL Combine, and pushed himself up the draft board. This is the type of guy you want to draft in Rookie/Dynasty drafts.

08. Marvin McNutt - Iowa -- Very underrated WR in this class that could be a steal for some team. The WR class for 2012 is very deep and having some extra 1-3 round picks and grabbing guys like McNutt, Hill, Toon, and Criner are going to help your dynasty team down the road.

09. Juron Criner - Arizona -- Has the size and the my ball mentality. If you throw the ball up for him he will make a play and come down with it, a nice Red Zone player.

10. Nick Toon - Wisconsin -- Playing for a college that doesn't throw the ball that much might have inflated Toon's value a little. There is not a negative thing to say about his game, he runs well, great hands, and a good size for a WR.

11. Marvin Jones - California -- The NFL Combine really gave Jones stock a giant push up. He never really broke out in college but had the potential to do so, the jury is still out but he definitely turned some heads at the Combine.

12. Tommy Streeter - Miami Florida -- 6'5" and big play ability on every play make Streeter an interesting prospect. Could be the perfect Red Zone target for the right team. Could be an excellent value pick.

13. Brian Quick - Appalachian State -- Perfect size to be a nice WR at 6'4" and has the raw talent to do so. Former Basketball player, and could be a surprise.

14. Dwight Jones - North Carolina -- Jones is a big, fast, tough, physical Wide Out that can be a playmaker if given the opportunity. Tough guy to tackle after the catch as he uses his size and quickness to his ability.

15. Joe Adams - Arkansas -- Completed his senior season at Arkansas and projects to be a nice Slot WR type in the NFL.

16. Jordan White - Western Michigan -- Caught 140 passes in 2011 for Western Michigan. Great hands and has a desire to catch every pass thrown his way.

17. Jarius Wright - Arkansas -- Solid College WR but may have an up hill battle to crack the NFL with his size issues.

18. T.Y. Hilton - Florida International -- Speedy WR, also makes for a good Kick Returner. He will have to overcome his size if he wants to be more of a WR then a KR in the NFL.

19. Jeff Fuller - Texas A&M -- Big Frame and could develop into a nice #2 WR for an NFL team down the line.

20. Chris Givens - Wake Forest -- He may have came out of college a little early, and for that may take some time to groom into a starting WR in the NFL.

21. Devon Wylie - Fresno State -- Small shifty WR, would be a perfect slot WR if an NFL team wants to groom him to be. He runs low and fast, but does come with some health concerns.

22. DeVier Posey - Ohio State -- Not a lot of playing time last year, but comes with great size and after a solid Combine he might be worth drafting late and stashing away.

23. Jarrett Boykin - Virginia Tech -- Was a consistent threat in 2011 when given the chance for the run happy Hokies. Has the size and talent to be a nice WR, just needs more opportunities with the football.

24. Eric Page - Toledo -- Very underrated pinball type of player, who rarely drops a pass.

25. B.J. Cunningham - Michigan State -- Displays good hands, instincts, and has a knack for making tough catches. Quickness is one of his drawbacks.

26. Marquis Maze - Alabama -- Small WR at 5'8" that can create some big plays if given a chance.

27. Tim Benford - Tennesse Tech -- Coming out of a smaller school he didn't get the recognition that a lot of other WR's got. Could develop into a nice Slot Receiver type.

28. Chris Owusu - Stanford

29. Risard Matthews - Nevada -- Had a very nice end to his college career and was a nice bright spot at the Combine as well. Could be a nice late round flier.

30. Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma -- Really just a desperation stash, after coming off a massive college injury.

Other Notables:
Kashif Moore - Connecticut
Jermaine Kearse - Washington
Lance Lewis - East Carolina
Greg Childs - Arkansas
T.J. Graham - NC State
Travis Benjamin - Miami
A.J. Jenkins - Illinois
Junior Hemingway - Michigan
Jerrell Jackson - Missouri

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