Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dynasty: Rookie Class of 2012

With the NFL Draft coming up in April, I wanted to take a quick look at any early Dynasty implications for the 2012's Rookie Draft Class. As we don't know each players team yet we are going to have to go off of each players skill set. The 2012 Rookie draft class looks like a deep one and it would be a good year to have a lot of Rookie Draft picks, to help build your Dynasty team for the long haul.

Dynasty Rookie Rankings: (EARLY EDITION)

01. Trent Richardson RB -- Set to be the top rookie RB that the NFL has scene since Adrian Peterson. ADP 2.0

02. Justin Blackmon WR -- Rookie WR's are making an impact early in the new pass happy NFL. Blackmon is polished and ready to fly in 2012. AJ Green 2.0

03. Andrew Luck QB -- A lot of hype surrounding Luck, and he is set up to be a poster boy QB for years to come. Peyton Manning 2.0

04. Robert Griffin III QB -- I can see a lot of people preferring Griffin over Luck in Fantasy formats. Griffin has the ability to be a fantasy football God, if he can hit on all cylinders. Cam Newton 2.0

05. Michael Floyd WR -- WR's seem like the safer pick when trying to find a stud FF producer. The RB position has turned to a RBBC league and rolling the dice with an early RB selection might just backfire when there is a stud WR sitting out there.

06. Lamar Miller RB -- Miller has all the skills to be an every down RB in the NFL. Depending where he lands in the NFL he could go anywhere from the #3 to #10 pick in FF Rookie drafts.

07. Alshon Jeffery WR -- This is a guy worth taking a chance on, even though there is a risk element involved, he is a huge playmaker. Has the ideal NFL WR size to become a monster.

08. Kendall Wright WR -- His draft stock is rising. Jeremy Maclin 2.0?

09. Doug Martin RB -- Could be a steal if you could grab him in the late 1st early 2nd round of Rookie Drafts.

10. Dave Wilson RB --

11. Mohamed Sanu WR -- Physical WR that fights for the ball, what is not to like.

12. Chris Polk RB -- Has the skills to compete at the NFL level but still seems a little risky of a pick for some reason.

13. Ryan Tannehill QB -- He could end up being the sneaky QB pick of this class a couple of years down the road.

14. Nick Toon WR --

15. Rueben Randle WR --

16. Robert Turbin RB --

17. Dwight Jones WR --

18. LaMichael James RB -- Destined to be a RBBC Back. Has the potential to be a decent PPR guy out of the backfield.

19. Dwayne Allen TE -- Vernon Davis potential.

20. Bernard Pierce RB --

21. Isaiah Pead RB --

22. Orson Charles TE --

23. Marvin McNutt WR --

24. Coby Fleener TE --

25. Jarius Wright WR --

26. T.Y. Hilton WR --

27. Brian Quick WR --

28. Nick Foles QB -- A couple of years serving as a backup NFL QB will do him wonders, and should then get a shot at being an NFL starting QB.

29. Jeff Fuller WR --

30. Cyrus Gray RB --

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