Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pig Skin Dynasty - Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings

I admit that I am a Fantasy Football nut. I love everything about the game of football and have a deep appreciation for the game itself and its players. The closest I can get to the game is by playing Fantasy Football (as I am sure many of you are in the same situation). I have been playing for nearly 20 years now in all different formats, starting out with the paper and pencil route calculating points to see who would win each week. Times have changed as far as Fantasy Football is concerned, everyone and their dog now are a part of some sort of a Fantasy Football league.

My main reasoning for starting Pig Skin Dynasty is the lack of updated weekly/monthly Dynasty Fantasy Football rankings that can be found online. I am only one man and only come with my own perspectives and analysis but I will provide an updated Dynasty Rankings for each position throughout the NFL season. Dynasty leagues are becoming more and more popular, with fantasy football junkies like myself wanting more action throughout the year. This is my way of keeping track of my dynasty leagues and helping others out there as well. All comments and feedback are appreciated.

Let The Dynasty Begin!!!!!

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